Monday, August 20, 2012

SoC Distributors and Some Minor Edits

I'm starting to get some new traffic and I really appreciate it. Again, feel free to email me or post comments. I'm eager to hear people's feedback -- I suspect people are waiting to see the progress on V3 or at least a video of V2 working. I promise I'm working on both.

Some things to clarify.

I mistakenly presumed that Digikey is a distributor for Nordic's new SoC ANT+ chip, the nRF51422. That is not the case, they are only a distributor for some of the ANT+ products and not Nordic. Nordics offical list of distributors for Canada can be found here

If you want to become an ANT+ adopter you can do so here. It  will give you access to the device profiles, the network key, example codes, and more. It will also allow you to upgrade to an ANT+ Alliance member in the future -- I suspect I'll be doing this in the future as I'm working on a peddle stroke analysis which would be done on the power meter and offloaded on a secondary channel or with a revised profile.

The reason I mention this is because the ANT+ Network key is proprietary. ANT+ gives us an interoperable connection between sensors and watches, cycle computers and more but a big part of this is maintaining conformance. That is why they exist and they are key to the industry success. So anything I post will not contain the network key as this would breech the ANT+ Adopter agreement. Keep this in mind if you plan to release your own code as well.

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