Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Accuity V4.1


And so it begins. Again.

I’m going to submit it to APcircuits in Alberta today or tomorrow. Problem is the drill holes are too small. Question is do I spend hours adjusting them or can they just drill them slightly bigger, but then they might over drill and cause disconnects. You can see the ST Micro Balun removed, replaced by discreet components with a trace antenna stolen directly from the EK and DK boards. I asked in an antenna group why all trace antennas are smaller than the 2.8mm calculated width for 50 ohm. I’ve yet to get a reply.

When I order the extra parts for these boards from Digikey I’ll probably get a few more St micro Baluns to try one more time. I think I have a better process, but I’m fairly certain something is messed up. Still not 100% sure it’s not the LFCLK, but pretty close.

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