Monday, September 30, 2013

Quarq or Accuity

Quarq or Accuity? Guess which is which.

Testing right side then left side!

Close, almost perfect. Going back to check calibration data. This one requires some "Decoupling" math which I'll get into when I do a serious post soon. Very very busy week.


  1. Replies
    1. Hmm. Must work harder. You got it on the first try. Right side calibration appearing a little low. Going to check all my cal data tomorrow. Congrats on a correct guess.

    2. 50% chance of being right. The curve is looking pretty good. How could you possibly know which one is "correct"? I don't know what the percentage difference is between the two, but from looking at it I would say it's negligable.

    3. Exactly. How do I know the quarq is right and mine is slightly off.. Could as easily be the other way around. Accuity was independently calibrated so it's a good sign they are close. There is some extra issues using the s900/950 cranks with my setup. And being brand new the carbon might not be fully settled. Carbon tends to elongate a little more when new. This could cause the slope and zero to change. Zero is set at computer head but the slope has to be adjusted. So this is something I'll be keeping an eye on.