Sunday, January 26, 2014

Status Update

I’ve been writing a post introducing TrainingPeaks,, Strava, Garmin Connect, and a couple of others. I’m still getting straightened away after my move and settled into my new job while trying to get onto my training program and it’s taking a lot of effort. However, what I’ve realized in trying to conclude the post this weekend (which didn’t happen) is that it’s best to give each piece of software it’s own post rather than piece meal through them all as an introduction first and then follow-ups.

Right now and the TrainingPeaks introduction are the nearest to complete (and extending beyond an “introduction”). I’ve had some interesting experiences with these and other software to date. I suspect that I’m not going to hit much new for the avid users, but I’m going to highlight some cool things. I’m also going to likely highlight some improvements needed for these and others.

The Training Bible is all about training smarter and not harder (than necessary). Your time is valuable. The same can be said about managing your data. As a result there is going to be a particular focus on how difficult it is to do the things you would. Namely:

  1. Use a training plan
  2. Track the data
  3. Figure out if you’re improving

I should finally have my apartment setup next week which means I can put the bike on the trainer. I’m excited for that and daunted by it. Excited to be doing cycle training, daunted by the fact it’ll be boring. However, I’ll be immediately trying out TrainerRoad!


  1. I never find trainer road boring. I find meeting those goal wattages challenging with the right FTP settings and the right workouts planned. Me and my little yellow line on the screen. That is all I need.

  2. Can you write about Endomondo too?

    1. I plan on taking a look at it. I used to actually use it years ago before I got all my GPS computer / watch though so I'll eventually be looking at it.