Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bluetooth (2.0) to ANT+ Bridge

So a little while ago I mentioned that it should be a very simple affair to connect the AP2 module to a Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Protocol) transceiver. With everything working on 2.4Ghz this might be a wireless mess, but there should be lots of wireless space in the 2.4Ghz spectrum, suffice to say as long as several people are not using ANT+ and Bluetooth in the same area.

Why bridge things?

Well, it’s simple. Most phones don’t have ANT+ and it’s the #1 question I’m asked about the power meter combined with BTLE on Android, the dominate phone OS, does not have BTLE sorted out in the slightest. I don’t claim to know much about BTLE and it’s problems on Android but the group on Linkedin makes it clear that it’s not prime time ready.

So I just ordered up a HC-06 Module for about 10 Dollars CAD and I’m going to try and wire it into my Sparkfun ANT+ stick. The stick is set to 9600 Baud already and is very simple to wire up so I figure I’ll give it a try. I’ll test it with the AP2 module after.

I don’t believe the HC-06 is FCC certified so it’s not like I could sell this. An FCC certified board is a bit more expensive at around $30 – 40 dollars. That means this translator would be near $100 minimum once packaged with a regulator and a battery.


So what could you do? Well, using the basic SPP protocol an Android, iPhone, tablet, Windows, etc device could talk directly to the ANT+ protocol. Meaning that someone could easily get fitness apps talking to the holy grail… I mean the power meter! Android’s been out in the cold for a while now in the ANT+ arena, so it needs a little help.

The second letter in the name of my power meter is C, so that’s a-c-X-X-X-X-X.

Happy holidays.

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