Saturday, December 29, 2012

V3–Maybe it will work


Okay, so if you look at the Arduino code in the image you’ll see a commented out delay(3); I had put this in the wrong location. Because I’m not properly reading the RTS line I put in the delay, and it cleared up ANT+ communications. However it’s in the wrong location and now it’s a delay after every read! Stupid I know!

More after the break. Also I’m starting to use breaks on the blog so the amount of posting will be short. Just click the read more if you visit the main page.

What does this mean. Well, I was only able to read less than 400 counts at 90RPM+. Removing this and it shots up to 10400 counts. So about a 20 fold increase. At best at 242 RPM I’m able to get a 2 watt drift. That isn’t bad. I realized this playing with some different zeroing code in an attempt to speed it up and realized it didn’t make sense.

So now I’m back to the question….. switch from SAR to Sigma-Delta or to continue on with SAR?

So now I have to sort out the ANT+ communications properly! I kind of ditched reading the AP2 modules responses as it kept looking like half of them were getting lost. I never figured it out, but now it’s time to investigate.

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