Monday, December 17, 2012

TSSOP 20 Breakout? Help?

I’ve been reading up on the SAR (successive approximation, eg the ADS8321) versus Delta-Sigma (eg the ADS 1247). From what I can find out the Delta-Sigma’s are slower BUT they have much better noise rejection. I’m using an averaging technique with the SAR where the Delta-Sigma may not need an averaging technique or very little.

So if anyone knows of a TSSOP 20 breakout to DIP or DIL that’s available in Canada without a fortune in shipping let me know.

This could also reduce cost. The ADS1247 is approximately $13.50 CAD which eliminates two ADS8321 and AD623 and high precision resistors. I believe that is about $45 dollars. Major electronics could be < 40 dollars. Obviously, a power meter won’t be that – labour + other parts + casing + testing + overhead and equipment.

Still looking for an appropriate gyro on breakout board. I think I’ll eventually have to pick up a hot air rework station since I’m not ready to commit to a reflow oven – Gyros are only available in LGA style. If anyone in the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge or Guelph area in Ontario that has one and willing to help out, let me know!

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